No King of England has ever directly funded a bookshop – although some monarchs have placed value upon the value of reading. These kings include William the Conqueror when he commissioned the Domesday Book, and James I who commissioned leading Biblical scholars of his day to compose the King James Bible.

Indirectly then, the rulers of the United Kingdom have promoted the written word as a virtuous and worthwhile method of record keeping and information retention. Most kings of Medieval and the Renaissance era, while predisposed toward martial combat by virtue of their eras, educated and well-read – as a sideline to the warring and internecine politics of each respective reign, these rulers did promote reading and books.

With this as basis, the notion of the Kings Fund Bookshop is clear – a steady fund of knowledge, accrued over centuries by virtue of the kingly oversight decreeing that letters should be learned and kept for future generations.

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