AT&T Contact Number: 01527 513 950

To contact the AT&T global support centre, just call them up on their phone number: +44 1527 513 950.

AT&T is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world. It holds the distinction of being the largest fixed landline provider in America. When it comes to mobile telephone services, they are also a leader but are beaten to the number 1 spot, making them the second largest in the USA.

As a company, AT&T has a rich telephony history. The company can actually trace its origins back to the Bell Telephone Company – the company that was founded by the granddaddy himself, Alexander  Graham Bell.

Due to its apparent monopoly over all telephony services, AT&T was forced to break up parts of the company to create stand alone businesses and companies. The move strengthened the position of their smaller competition thereby creating a better chance for these companies to succeed. AT&T is slowly reacquiring about half of its former businesses and departments, once again increasing AT&Ts power in the field. This is of course also due to partnerships made with international mobile carriers.

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If you’re interested in AT&T and their UK headquarters, then you can contact their London offices for support. These offices are located at:

80 Victoria Street,
United Kingdom.

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If you wish to contact the Amazon Global Customer Support Centre, then you only need to contact them on their help phone line on +44 1527 513 950.

If you’re an Enterprise customer and would like to contact their billing support, then call their Billing Department on +44 2034 505 751 or on 00800 1407 1407.

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If you need to contact their Marketing Department, then fill in their web contact form at:

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