FBI Contact Number: 011 44 207 894 0007

To contact the FBI in the United Kingdom, call them on their American Embassy phone line on 011 44 207 894 0007.

The FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the federal agency that’s tasked to keep America safe by means of their law enforcement sanctions as well as surveillance and intelligence gathering functions. The agency traces its roots back to 1908 and with more than a century of experience, they have developed methods to effectively serve the American people. This is especially evident when you consider that the FBI now utilises the most modern of technologies to solve a case. They actually have no choice because the criminals that they try to catch are sometimes the most tech savvy.

The FBI’s purpose is to protect America from domestic as well as foreign threats. In order to keep USA safe from international threats that endanger American lives as well as the American way of life, the FBI must work hand in hand with other law enforcement agencies around the world. They’ve actually been doing this for more than 60 years. They have strategic partnerships as well as cooperative agreements with various law enforcement bodies around the world.

This is very important because criminals are going global. Large organised crime syndicates that operate in the USA usually have connections abroad. This is why the FBI needs to go international and forge partnerships with local law enforcement organisations that can help neutralise an international threat. A partnership like this can only benefit both the US and the partner country.

Telephone Number for the FBI in London

The international presence of the FBI is also very comforting for Americans who travel the world. If you wish to contact the FBI when you’re in the UK, then contact them through the American Embassy in London. Their phone number is 011 44 207 894 0007. Contact their United Kingdom office for support if you’re in any of the following nations: Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Guemsy or Jersey (Channel Islands).